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Welcome to IKEA

We can see the LACK (side table) in its natural habitat

This is a Baystack 19" switch

This is a Baystack 19" switch between the legs of the LACK

The LackRack is born! Only € 5,-!

Close-up of the switch in the LackRack

Right side close-up

Left side close-up

The LackRack

The following steps bring you to your own, modular data-center-in-the-living-room!

Step 1: look up the location of the LACK in IKEA's self-service storage
Note: the location depicted here is that of the IKEA in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Step 2: Found it! Lots of LACKs here

Step 3: Choose your color(s)

Step 4: ???

Step 5: Profit!for IKEA, that is. And you have your own private rack space!

As you can see, the LackRack can be purchased easily. The whole procedure (including walking) only took about 20 minutes.
This provides you with almost 9U of rack space (per LackRack), and, as you can see, I've got about 24U of rack space now, for only € 15,-!